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Hello All! My name is Lindsey, and I have a problem with coffee….I can’t get enough!

I started drinking coffee when I was a teenager, you know the late nights spent at a restaurant drinking coffee and thinking I was cool.  At that time, I preferred to add a lot of sugar and cream to every cup of coffee that I drank.  I now realize that I was not drinking coffee during these important years of my life, I was only pretending.

I have grown my taste for coffee over the years.  Today, I typically prefer it black, no sugar or cream needed.  Just a good strong cup of coffee.  Every once in awhile I sweeten it up a little with some fancy creamer, but these times are few and far between.

I am in the search of the best cup of coffee available, and I will not stop searching until I have found it.  I am glad you are here to experience my journey with me!

More about me…

I am living the dream with my husband and two children, two dogs and two fish.  I live in a area that is known for it’s chilly temps in the winter, About Me so I am always looking for a good cup of coffee to warm me up.  I prefer to drink my coffee in the morning and then again in the evening.  There are days when I drink coffee all day, depending on what is going on and who I am with.  I believe that coffee grounds me (no pun intended) and calms me when I am getting a little stressed and frustrated.  That first sip always pulls a long sigh out of me, and I immediately feel the day’s stress melting away.

I look forward to sharing all of my fabulous and not-so fabulous coffee finds with you!

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I am more than happy to help.  I also enjoy hearing about your favorites and fails when it comes to coffee.

Thank you for visiting, I hope that the information you find here will be helpful.

Many Thanks,

Founder of mycoffeebuzz.com
email: lindsey@mycoffeebuzz.com

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    Hi Lindsey,

    Just to say that the website is great Came here from your profile at WA.

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